Wikia on the Spaceship Bridge Simulator game, Artemis. Artemis is a 3-6 player "Spaceship Bridge Simulator" game. Each player takes control of a certain role on the ship, and must work together to protect the quadrant. The roles a player can fill are:
  • Captain - In charge of the ship and her crew members.
  • Helm - In charge of piloting the ship using Impulse and Warp/Jump drives.
  • Weapons - In charge of weapons including Phasers, Torpedos, and Nukes.
  • Engineering - In charge of power management and ship repairs.
  • Science - In charge of the ship's scanners and maps.
  • Comms - In charge of hailing, taunting, and issuing orders to other ships.

There are Other Consoles that the game will list, but aren't normally used.

Useful Links

You can purchase Artemis either through Steam or through the Artemis website. Each version has it's own pros and cons. For more information, check the FAQ page.

If you are new to Artemis, check out the Getting Started page!

If you want to talk to other players or join their crews, check out the Community page!


This wiki is new, so we have a lot to do, including:

  1. Community Page/Info
  2. Flesh out the Advanced Console game pages.

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